Hundreds of students without legal parking in Orem

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Hundreds of students living in UVU student housing are left without legal parking, due to limited parking provided by apartment complexes, and neighborhood parking laws. 

“Parking is a nightmare,” said a resident of Axis Luxury Student Living. “I have left my car at friend’s houses and [had to] ride the bus back because I don’t know where else to park.” 

Axis is a student housing complex in Orem located on 1435 W. 800 S., just across the freeway from UVU and next to the Orem Central Station. The apartment houses approximately 1,000 students, but only provides 600 parking spaces, due to space restraints on the property: this leaves approximately 400 students without parking. 

“There isn’t anywhere near enough parking for the residents, and everything surrounding the parking is illegal,” said Alek Hender, resident of Axis and a junior studying marketing. “If you don’t have a spot and aren’t on the waitlist, there’s no opportunity for you to park legally.”

Hattie Sandy is also a resident at Axis, and a graduate of UVU’s culinary arts program. When Sandy signed her lease she was told by management that there would be street parking for students near the apartments. Parking, as well as space in the UTA parking lot at the Orem Central station, was said to be usable. When she actually got to school in search of a parking spot, she found out she had been misled.  

“I moved in last week and the [Axis] office told me they weren’t allowed to tell me where to park outside of the [apartment] complex because they aren’t responsible if I get towed or ticketed,” said Sandy. “Come to find out the street parking they told me about is now permit-required for the neighborhood.” 

The Orem City Council approved a parking district in the Sunset Heights neighborhood earlier this year. Residents of the neighborhood presented the city a petition with 100 signatures, requesting a parking permit be required in the neighborhood, according to the Daily Herald

“We’ve been having to park at the UTA parking, but last week the cops showed up and told us they will be giving us citations and towing our cars if we park in the UTA parking,” said Amber McCafferty, a senior studying music education and a resident at Axis. “This is extremely unfair for residents who pay for an apartment but have nowhere to park their cars. We can’t park on the street, we can’t park in the church parking lot across the street, and now we can’t park at the UTA either.” 

Students are hoping the city and neighborhoods nearby will have sympathy on the students trying to find parking, “I think the city should open up to lightening enforcement, and also constructing more parking opportunities,” said Hender. “If there’s no room to park, why should it be enforced when it’s outside our ability to make a change?”

“All of us are fighting to have our voices heard,” added Mccafterty, “As students, we can’t afford to pay these ridiculous towing and ticketing fees in addition to our already expensive rent.”