Holland to teach at Oxford for the summer

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Senior VP of academic affairs will take his responsibilities

Chair of UVU’s board of trustees, Elaine S. Dalton, announced that President Matthew Holland will be a senior associate at the University of Oxford in London for the summer. This comes months after Holland visited Oxford to show panels from the “Roots of Knowledge” stained glass project. In 2015, Holland was part of a panel discussion at Oxford about the leadership of Abraham Lincoln.

“In this capacity, he will give several public lectures, prepare materials for the teaching he loves to do at UVU, and research and write on topics related to his academic areas of expertise (political philosophy and history) and Higher Education administration,” said Dalton in an email to the campus community. “This invitation brings great honor to our institution and aligns with Regents Policy 210.3 that encourages longer serving presidents to pursue available opportunities for furthering their intellectual development and professional expertise.”

This is not Holland’s first time guest-lecturing away from UVU. According to Holland’s biography on UVU’s official website, Holland was invited by Stanford University to present a lecture titled, “Christian Love and the Founding of America” in 2011. He presented another lecture, “A Literary Commentary on America’s First Founder: John Winthrop,” at Harvard Law School.

While Holland is away, UVU’s senior vice president of academic affairs, Jeff Olson, will be in charge of administrative responsibilities as well as the day-to-day operations of the university.

According to Dalton’s email, Holland should be back on campus in time to “welcome our newest freshman class at the start of Fall Semester 2017.”