Holland addresses Trump’s executive order

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Matthew Holland, UVU President, sent a mass e-mail to the campus community regarding President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration Jan. 31.

In the e-mail, Holland stated, “People throughout the country and on our campus are concerned by the recent executive order issued by President Donald Trump concerning international entry into the United States.”

According to Stace Hall, executive communication officer of UVU, the institution is not aware of future students, speakers or instructors who are immediately affected by the executive order.

The executive order has sparked protests across the nation. According to the order, it seeks to protect the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the U.S. by temporarily banning travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Somalia and Sudan.

It was not clear in the e-mail how international students could be affected by the ban.

“We have reached out to members of the UVU community who are primarily impacted, and we will continue to assess the situation. We are committed to helping any UVU faculty, staff, or student, and any support we offer will come within the confines of the law,” Hall said.

“We affirm the importance of protecting our national security. We also affirm that the UVU community and the nation are deeply enriched by students, staff and faculty from around the world who come to UVU for a safe place to engage in learning and success,” Holland stated in the e-mail.