Highlights of Scott C. Keller building grand opening

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Bells rang out of the new Noel and Carrie Vallejo Auditorium as UVU students, faculty, state government members, donors of the university, and Scott and Karen Keller celebrated the opening of the Scott C. Keller Building on Jan. 12. 

“Once you get the funding for a building, $75 million, the next thing you have to do is convert that parking lot to a building,” said Val Peterson, vice president of administration and strategic relations. “A parking lot is just a building waiting to happen.”

Attendees of the opening were given bells, which President Tuminez addressed, stating, “In Zen Buddhism the bell is quite important: when you hear the sound of the bell it represents a pure sound, it represents a sound of inspiration, it represents a sound that is supposed to ward malevolent spirits … the bell calls you home, this building is the home of so many students.”

Peterson spoke about the time and effort that went into the building, noting that UVU expresses its gratitude to all the supporters and donors of the building. He mentioned the building’s view includes Utah Lake and the new LDS temple. Peterson also pointed out the 45,000 square feet of glass incorporated into the new building.

“With this new Scott C. Keller building we will have more opportunities for success, we will have better spaces for student and teacher collaboration, nice study rooms with whiteboards and large screens, we will have the opportunity to learn in the bright new classrooms with the latest technology and study in halls filled with natural light,” said Alisa Nguyen, a second year personal financial planning student at UVU. “The design of the new money management resource center will allow us to better serve students with more research-based office designs.”

“I love UVU. Every time I get to come walk down these halls and go to class I have a smile on my face,” said Nguyen.“This building will not only benefit the business students but all UVU students, as well as the larger community.”

“Our gift to UVU is an enduring gift, it lasts and lasts and lasts, it keeps going,” said Scott Keller, lead donor of the new building. “Education is priceless.” The Keller’s expressed their gratitude for the support from all the faculty and President Tuminez.

To see the full story visit their website and watch the grand opening on Youtube.