High stakes bingo with high stakes winning

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Photo credit: Preston Yardley | Senior Staff Photographer

bingonight2A spot in the coveted parking garage, an Xbox 360, and a hoverboard were among the prizes handed out at High Stakes Bingo Night Jan 12.
The event was organized by the UVUSA Activities Branch and 500 students attended hoping to bring home one of the big prizes.
According to Jakell Larson, vice president of activities and students, this event kicked-off Wolverine Green Pride Week. She expected 2,000 students to participate in the different activities throughout the week.
Each round had a budget of $2,400 worth of prizes and as the numbers were called out the tension rose in the room. As the night wore on the prizes became more expensive.
Grand prize winners were Alli Raso, who won the hover-board, and Carrie Ann Chappell, who walked away with the parking spot in the garage.