Here’s what UVU clubs you should join, according to your field of study  

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you want to get involved in your field, but you’re unsure how to start, then you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of the resources for Wolverines who want to make moves.

Reading Time: 3 minutes

College is a great time to get involved. UVU has plenty of clubs, organizations, and programs for students to participate in – some of which are tied to certain majors or degrees, while others target personal interests and hobbies. There are 189 clubs, groups, and organizations for students to join. You may have to be signed into your student account to view clubs. 

College of Health and Public Service  

Members of the College of Health and Public Service study criminal justice, nursing, public health, emergency services, or other related fields. CHPS students have access to many unique resources, including those for internships and scholarships. Getting involved in clubs can be a great way to gain experience and meet others with similar ambitions and interests. Join the Criminal Justice Honors Club to develop professional and personal leadership skills with other criminal justice students or join the American Medical Women’s Association, UVU to support women’s success in healthcare. Other clubs to note include the Global Medical Brigades, the Student Nurses Association, the Healthcare Administration Club (HAC), The National Security Society, and the Anti-Human Trafficking Club. There are also clubs for students preparing to study osteopathic medicine, dentistry, occupational therapy, optometry, and public health. 

College of Humanities and Social Sciences  

For students pursuing a degree in behavioral science, communication, English and literature, philosophy, history and political science, clinical mental health counseling, or any related fields, clubs can be a great way to network and make connections. Luckily, CHSS students are offered a wide variety of clubs and programs. For public relations and strategic communication majors, the Public Relations Student Society of America Chapter at UVU (PRSSA) provides access to internships, workshops, social activities, and other exclusive opportunities. Additional clubs for CHSS students include the Master’s of Social Work Student Association, the Marketing Association, Phi Alpha Theta for history students, and Pi Sigma Alpha: The National Political Honor Society. There are also clubs for students interested in anthropology, philosophy, psychology, and family science. 

College of Science 

The College of Science includes majors related to mathematics, as well as physical sciences, such as biology, chemistry, or physics. Join forces with Women in Physical Sciences, participate in the Geospatial Society, or become a member of the Evolution and Bioinformatics Club. UVU has clubs for Wolverines interested in physics, mycology, exercise science, zoology, Earth science, chemistry, botany, and more.  

School of Education  

Majors in elementary, secondary, or special education, along with student leadership and success studies belong to UVU’s School of Education. The SOE offers many unique experiences and opportunities for students, including access to mentors and even global and intercultural education experiences. There are not a ton of relevant registered clubs for SOE students yet, but there is an option to create a new one.   

School of the Arts 

UVU’s School of the Arts is home to students studying art and design, dance, music, or theatre. The Theatre Arts Guild is a club for students who want to “further improve the atmosphere and culture of theater” at UVU. Other clubs include the Neurodiverse Filmmakers of UVU, the Music Student Association, the Bachata Club, and Artsy Smiles. There are also clubs for filmmakers and students interested in K-pop, hip-hop, illustration art, graphic design, classic cinema, a cappella, audio mixing, and art history  

Smith College of Engineering and Technology  

Wolverines who are interested in aviation, architecture, computer science, construction, culinary arts, engineering, digital media, and other related fields belong to UVU’s Smith College of Engineering and Technology. There are plenty of ways for CET students to get involved. “Collegiate Aviation Leaders of Today…” can join Alpha Eta Rho Epsilon Nu and the AAAE, although there are many clubs for all CET students’ interests. For example, students can join clubs related to computer science, cyber security, and data science. Students who enjoy transforming cars from “junk” to categorically competitive can participate in the Driftin’ Dirt, Slingin’ Track club. Girls Who Code College Loop is a club to support women in CET majors.  

Woodbury School of Business 

Woodbury School of Business students include those majoring in business, accounting, finance and economics, marketing, management, and so forth. WSB Wolverines can join clubs related to banking and finance, commercial real estate, real estate, entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal finance. UVU also offers stock exchange and student investment clubs for students who wish to gain investment experience. Additionally, students participating in the Air Force and Army ROTC are part of the WSB and can join the Army ROTC club.  

You are not limited to joining clubs related to your major or field of study. Clubs are available to all UVU students – and if you didn’t see one that floats your boat, don’t fear. Not only are there still more clubs to find, but students also have the ability to start their own club or organization. 

If you participate in any clubs, organizations, or programs on campus and you’d like The UVU Review to cover your event, meeting, or club in general, visit room 214 of the Student Life building.