Helping babies and mothers in need

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Volunteers stood at the entrances of stores next to a large banner, which proudly displayed their motto, “Save the World! One Small Tummy at a Time,” while giving out candy and fliers informing shoppers of the dire need for baby items at their local food bank.


Over 55 volunteers dispersed themselves throughout Utah County at four Smith’s Grocery store locations for UVU’s Applied Behavioral Science Club’s, Baby Care Cupboard.


“I am so grateful to the many people and programs that helped me and my children,” said Jennifer Brown, a volunteer supervisor for the Baby Care Cupboard. “I was in the women’s shelter last year with my two small children. I am in a much better place. I have secured safe housing, and I was wanting to give back.”


Many of the volunteers and people involved are just like Brown, women who have been in tough situations and now have the opportunity to give back.


“There are a lot of people in organizations that do food drives, but they don’t gather baby items,” said Julie Nance, director of the event. “This hits home to me because I have been a single mom for several years and I know how expensive it can be.”


The food bank manager expressed that donations do not stay put for long on their shelves.


“He said they last about six weeks, and I was shocked,” Nance said.


Last fall, the Baby Care Cupboard received $7,000 dollars in donations. After a day of gathering donations, the items collected weighed in at 2,537 pounds. The group proudly reached their goal of $8,000.


Nance sent out an email with the results to the volunteers expressing her gratitude to those involved. Baby Care Cupboard’s next event will be this coming fall.


If you would like to volunteer or assist with the Baby Care Cupboard, contact the UVU Applied Behavioral Science Club.


By Emily Stephenson
Staff Writer