Hall of fame, shame, and flags

Reading Time: 2 minutes Students longing for college life in all its social glory need not look any further than the Hall of Flags.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Students longing for college life in all its social glory need not look any further than the Hall of Flags.

Every day, myriad students walk through the hall, some looking for unique experiences. Showing worldwide unity, the Hall of Flags stands as one of the most visually impressive hallways on campus. Flags representing nations from all over the world adorn both sides of the hall. In fact, any time a student from a country not yet represented in the hall comes to UVU, the respective country’s flag is added to the collection.

Flags aren’t the only things on display in the hall. Loyd Ericson, a philosophy graduate heading to Claremont, said, “The Hall of Flags is UVU’s arena of objectification, where people are transformed from growing minds to sexualized flesh.”

Elaborating further, Ericson said, “every time I walk through the Hall of Flags, I feel like everyone is staring at me, but with a butt like this, can I blame them?” The future graduate student hits on a few points that simultaneously anger and entertain students.

According to 430 students surveyed in 2006 (conducted by “Sequel” magazine’s Dixie Millet and Nyles Alder), the Hall of Flags was selected as the best place on campus to study. Whether or not the Hall of Flags is the ideal studying place as the poll suggests is for each individual to decide. All it takes is a brisk walk, a few spare minutes, and maybe a little confidence.

The hall connects the Business Administration Building to the Environmental Technology Building and the Pope Science Building (with its trademark swinging pendulum and stuffed wildlife). It is a convenient route, as it also opens up into both the Greenhouse Computer Lab and the Sorensen Student Center. This results in high student traffic in the hallway, which, after many years, turned into the popular hangout it is today.

The Hall of Flags provides a scenic route for its travelers. Walls of glass showcase the heart of the campus, crowned with the Courtyard’s gorgeous water fountain. Comfortable chairs cradle each side of the hallway, which are more often than not occupied (usually by male students). Thus, a highly social place is created, which provides an excellent release from the demands of course work.

With the new Digital Learning Center now available, it will be interesting to see what becomes of the Hall of Flags. What was once a showcase of the social may indeed turn into the original showcase — that of flags.

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