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Christmas is coming, bringing a distinct attitude of love for our fellow people and a greater desire to serve.

Christmas is coming, bringing a distinct attitude of love for our fellow people and a greater desire to serve. 

It is a season directed at making a special effort to help those less fortunate.  The general population finally wants to share and wants to help; Habitat for Humanity shows Utah County how.

Since the day after Thanksgiving, a new gift-wrapping booth has been set up at the Provo Town Centre Mall. It is expected to stay until Christmas Eve, excluding Sundays.

Habitat employees and volunteers will be manning the booth in the morning and afternoon, and Timpview High School students will be manning the booth in the evening.

The purpose is to have people pay the volunteers to wrap the hundreds of dollars worth of gifts they buy, saving them time and energy while donating to a good cause. The money paid goes to helping Utah County families with housing and the Timpview marching band, which seems to be in need of new instruments and a little extra money for an upcoming trip.

"This is our first year," said Rachel Wyatt, volunteer development coordinator for Habitat for Humanity. "We are raising money to build more affordable homes in Utah County, and the students (Timpview marching band) are raising money for instruments and a trip they are taking to Washington, D.C."

Although it is a new event in the Provo mall, Habitat for Humanity hopes that their wrapping booth "will become a fixture in the mall for future years."

While current volunteers are keeping this project rolling, many more are needed to effectively raise the needed funds.

They also welcome any individuals not associated with any particular organization who are willing to donate their time. If, for any reason, you are unable to volunteer, stop by the booth to have your holiday gifts wrapped.

For more information, contact Rachel at (801) 344-8527 or [email protected].

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