Cap guide: ital. “WHY,” and lowercase


Yes, I am guilty. I have NCMOed before.
What is NCMO? It stands for Non-Committal Make Out. Hooking up, friend with benefits, random make outs — that is what NCMO is.

I have had a few share of my own. I hate to say it, but it’s the truth. I was a serial NCMOer. I had the addiction, went into rehab and now I am cured.

It’s a live-in-the-moment type of thing. It is fun and exciting in the moment, but then afterwards I always asked myself, “What just happened? Why did I just do that?”

So I ask the question why to others.

Adriana Ampuero of Provo, Utah said, “If a girl isn’t getting any affection, she’s going to NCMO to get attention — to feel she’s important, if for only a second.”

Some people feel alone in this world; like Ampuero said, they just want affection and in that moment they do get it. They don’t feel alone for that moment, but after it is over they are back to feeling even more alone.