Grill cheese, end hunger

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UVU has been selected as a target for FeelGood, a program that has raised over $1 million for charities that combat world hunger. The nonprofit organization will take applicants from across the country to compete for a chance to win a scholarship to start a chapter at their university.

FeelGood founders Kristin Walter and Talis Apud started the program when they were in college selling grilled cheese sandwiches in exchange for donations.  In their private efforts, the women raised over $10,000 in less than six months for the fight against world hunger.

Their success drove them to launch FeelGood, an association that helps students run nonprofit grilled cheese delis to aid the fight against world hunger. The delis operate like a club on campus with a minimum of five student volunteers and at least one advisor.

Grilled cheeses at the delis are made by student volunteers for a donation; there is no set price range. Chapter members track their fundraising progress online and are awarded points for their profit. These points can be used to improve their delis and purchase student entries to training programs.

The grilled cheese delis can be designed for four methods of service: a traditional deli stand (similar to the LA Café), a mobile deli, sandwich delivery, and catering. FeelGood requires four student volunteers to staff the delis, including one student who serves as the “student engager.”

The student engager’s role is to strike up conversation with individuals waiting in line and inform them about the FeelGood program. Unlike most sandwich shops, buying a sandwich from a FeelGood location helps support the fight against world hunger.

Students running these grilled cheese delis have a goal of raising $3,000 annually and attending a five-day “Big Cheese” summer institute. At the institute, two members from each chapter will gain leadership skills, learn about the magnitude of world hunger, and build skills to help them improve their business.

“Beyond earning money to alleviate hunger, we’re helping to create a new generation of socially-motivated entrepreneurs and student leaders, as well as initiating a new, more holistic dialogue about poverty, hunger and our role as global citizens,” said FeelGood’s executive director, Kristin Walter.

FeelGood is offering scholarships until Nov. 15 for students who wish to start a deli at their university. The scholarship will cover startup funds and two admissions to the summer institute. Students must have at least three members to apply and at least five members enlisted by January.

Students selected by the FeelGood scholarship initiative will be notified Dec. 10. The timeframe includes a development and planning phase from January-June 2014, summer institute in August and finally a recruiting and launch phase in September 2014 to start a successful grilled cheese deli.

“I think a grilled cheese deli at UVU would be a great idea. I know students are looking for less expensive places on campus to buy lunch, so why not grilled cheese with a good cause?” sophomore Sarah Hulin said.

Every FeelGood chapter has access to live training sessions and support and the potential to make a difference. Students who wish to apply for a chance to bring a nonprofit grilled cheese deli to UVU can apply at