Grande Ballroom becomes focal point for Club Rush

Students and faculty alike gathered in the Grande Ballroom for the Inter-Club Council’s biannual Club Rush, where clubs from worldviews to sports tabled. Photo by Chase Schetselaar.

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Students and faculty alike gathered in the Grande Ballroom for the Inter-Club Council’s biannual Club Rush.

Students had the opportunity to meet and sign up for various student-run clubs during the event hosted Feb. 9-10. The scope of these clubs and their objectives were diverse and far-reaching, allowing students of every walk of life to find something they’re interested in.

“Club Rush is a great way for clubs to get exposure and find new members,” said Chase Schetselaar, president of ICC. “The clubs’ office draws up the layout and provides clubs with some resources to help out, but the magic really comes from each club and how they choose to show off what they love.”

Various clubs were able to show off their passions to either returning or new students who were eager in expressing their similar passions. Some clubs included; the Black Student Union, Underdog Boxing & Fitness Training, Anime and Manga, Philosophy, and the True Edge Academy of Swordsmanship.

Schetselaar went on to further this by saying, “My favorite part about club Rush is being able to talk with the clubs themselves, because these students just glow with passion and love for their club.”

The club system at UVU is supported and funded through the Student Life programs by student fees, and tabling at the event leads to clubs receiving $100 each to use for their supported events. Clubs have various opportunities to have their events socialized and even funded through ICC programs.

“If folks want to start a new club, all they need is six students total, a constitution, and the president needs to be a full-time student with a GPA of at least 2.5,” Schetselaar told the Review. “We’re happy to take any questions anyone might have!”

ICC has eight ambassadors and a president to govern the rules and regulations around clubs at UVU. This council makes changes and manages all the UVU clubs and policies pertaining to them.

Although the mid-annual report has closed for 2022 (to keep clubs active through fall and spring), students are encouraged to create and maintain clubs of their own. 

For more information about clubs visit here, for forms regarding club membership and funding see this site; for a complete list of clubs visit this site.

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