Glitter Toes: A Utah phenomenon

Students from out of state say Utah loves the glam. Virginia Johnson/UVU Reveiw.

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Students from out of state say Utah loves the glam. Virginia Johnson/UVU Reveiw.

With sandal season in sight, glitter is once again showing up on the toes of women and girls. It can be done in a salon or at home, but what many don’t know is that this fun fad is actually a Utah thing.


Cassi Young is from California, where she says the style is more natural.


“Girls from Utah always have painted toenails,” Young said. “It’s more like a natural look in California, especially since paint just chips off when you’re at the beach. I think glitter toes are girly, I don’t have glitter on my toes.”


“Glitter toes are super great because they never chip and last forever.” because they never chip and last forever.” Nicole Lier said.


It’s true that glitter is considered a girly thing. One reason why Utah women may decide to be fancy with their feet may be because of hiding them during the winter months. Kim Blackburn is a UVU student and agrees with this.


“During the winter we have to hide our toe nails, so when the sun comes out we have to flaunt them,” Blackburn said.


Young said she also thinks painting toe nails is inconvenient, but Nicole Lier, a Utah native, thinks glitter toes are very convenient.


Lier mentioned that glitter toes last as long as the nail does, or until it grows out. Vanessa Perkins from Philadelphia said she also has her toes glittered.


“I’ve had mine done for a while, and whenever I go out of Utah, people will notice and comment on them,” Perkins said. “People out of state haven’t seen glitter toes, but they think they are really cool.”


This crafty innovation may or may not spread to other states, but regardless, Utah women will do what they will. Whether a Utah native or not, you can put on your glam and sport your Utah pride this season.


By Tiffany Thatcher
Special Sections Editor

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  1. I love glitter toes! My favorite place to get them is from Glitties. They have so many fun colors to choose from!

  2. I am from out of state and have been using glitter toes for a long time, however, I just recently found a great solution for not having to spend tons of money at the salon (which kept me from wearing them as often as I’d like to). has some great kits. I love em.

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