Getting involved through Club Rush

Reading Time: 2 minutes Dozens of clubs gathered in the Grand Ballroom on Feb. 8 to introduce themselves to new and returning students.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Utah Valley University’s club representatives gathered from all kinds of communities, hobbies and professional groups to set up booths in the Grand Ballroom, located in the Sorensen Center. The event was open for all students to attend and offered ways for them to connect both on and off campus. 

Clubs like the Music Student Association drew students in with renditions of classical music pieces and opportunities to network through the music department. 

Nearby, the Wildlife and Zoology Club representative held a small snake for students to pet. Through the Wildlife and Zoology Club, students can get involved with outings like birdwatching, insect collecting, and hiking. According to the clubs it’s goal is to give students opportunities “to experience wildlife in its natural setting and create meaningful, educational, and environmentally friendly encounters.” 

Other clubs give students the chance to strengthen their language skills. The “No French Required” French Club is a place for students to practice or even learn the language. This club focuses on developing a global appreciation for not only French culture but French-speaking communities around the world.

For students who are looking for a place to develop professionally, Club Rush had plenty of groups for networking. Clubs like the Student Nurses Association at UVU offer students opportunities to join in specialized training and social events. The club is open to students in the program or those just interested. Their goal is to help students become skilled and compassionate nurses.  

Hobby-focused clubs were plentiful at the event. Ellery Chambers, a representative of the Dungeons and Dragons Club, invited students to learn how to play the tabletop game and socialize with other enthusiasts. The beginner-friendly club supports a massive discord server for students to share, discuss, or even help find a group to play with. 

If students were unable to make the event, the UVU Club’s website contains up-to-date information for those hoping to get involved.