What I’ll be watching this fall

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By Samantha Gahn, Opinions Writer, [email protected]

The weeks turned into months, and the months are finally over. The time has been long awaited, the seasons have changed, and summer is over. It’s all been worth it, because now our favorite TV shows are back.

For me this includes some of my best friends, the characters of Bones. Seeley Booth and Bones, aka Dr. Temperance Brennan, work together for the FBI. Booth works as a special agent and Brennan works as a forensic anthropologist. This fall is the beginning of season nine. The first eight seasons you see the way Bones and her team work together with the FBI to solve murders.

The best part of the show is watching a relationship build between Booth and Bones. First you see them learning to trust each other as partners, but as the seasons go on, you see them loving each other. Just like any other show out there, they didn’t get together when they first started having feelings for each other. You had to agonize as you watched them both interact with each other but not do anything about it. You see them kiss and then tell each other that it didn’t mean anything. It is so agonizing to watch.

When they finally do get together you celebrate. They end up having a child together, and she is a beautiful little girl named Christine Booth. They now live together in a beautiful house that they purchased and remodeled. Parker, Booth’s son from a past girlfriend, who is 12, lives there off and on as well.

Castle is another shows that I love watching. Richard Castle is a famous murder mystery writer. He is called in to help when some real-life murders are eerily similar to murders that take place in his books. He loved the action so much that he called his friend the mayor, so he could continue to work with detective Kate Beckett, a homicide detective.

The romantic dynamic is the same as with Bones and Booth. Castle and Beckett work together and fall in love, but it takes five years for them to get together.  Season 5 ends with Beckett getting her dream job in Washington D.C and Castle proposing to her, telling her that he would follow her anywhere. I have watched Castle since the very beginning. I was hooked when I found out that Castle is a writer. I love writing and was inspired by him.

There are also fall shows like How I Met Your Mother, Dancing with the Stars, The Big Bang Theory and so many more that all of us love. Why do we love them so much? The characters on shows we watch become characters in our lives.

We end up relating to a few of them, like me with Castle. I relate to his writers block and his desire to have interesting characters and a story line for his next book. Castle has become somewhat of a mentor to me in writing. In Bones, I relate well with Angela. I see how much she loves her husband and Bones. This encourages me to be more caring toward those around me. She also loves life and is very spontaneous, which is something I want to do in my life.

There are many things that we could be doing with our time, but we choose to watch TV shows. And fall brings all the new seasons of our favorite shows. There is no need to wait any longer. Watch it on TV or on your computer. These are the shows we love.