What changes would like you like to see made at UVU in the coming year?

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Quit harassing the smokers. They keep taking away our smoking areas, they put up cameras to watch us – it’s ridiculous.

-Birchall Perkins, Junior, Psychology





I don’t think that changes need to be made on the university level, I think changes to be made more the student level, as far as being aware at what a great opportunity and amazing university this is.

-Lindzey Evans, Presidential Intern Office of Val Hail





“I know they’re going to stop doing loans in the summer. I’d like them to do loans in the summer, because I’d like to take summer courses.

-Preston Buys, Sophomore, Social Work






Math 1050. It just seems so unyielding, like they’re trying to create a monopoly on Math 1050 where only UVU’s credit is acceptable, and I think that’s bunk. If you get math 1050 credit at another college, it should transfer.

-Rachael A., Junior, Elementary Education






I think the school should be more military friendly, for military spouses. I’ve been a military wife for six years. I don’t feel like our community is active toward us.

-Jennifer Hansen, Bookstore Employee






I would like more activities that aren’t just slutty dances. And I know they’re planning on building a new gym, with a swimming pool, and I’d like to see that come sooner.

-Leisha Leidlaw, Elementary Education





Refer the due date for tuition back to after FAFSA becomes available, change the Anti-Discrimination Statement to include sexual orientation and gender expression, and improve treatment of adjunct professors.

-Pancake, Junior, Philosophy





More parking, definitely. And more focus on academics and less focus on sports.

-Luke Jarman, Sophomore, English Education






Better teachers, with more professional degrees. A lot of teachers here don’t know what they’re teaching.

-Paola Serrano, Freshman, General Education 







“I require greater access to earth helium!”

-Zyyygrax, Intergalactic Delegate from Balloon Planet Omega 12






“Don’t touch me.”

-Bunnel House, Building