UVU’s funding opportunities should extend beyond financially “practical” degrees 

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When students are asked about their major, many people expect to hear the students chose a sensible degree rather than one that might not create a financially stable career. Universities follow these same trends of putting the most funding into those “practical” departments, and UVU is no exception.

UVU’s Planning, Budget and Assessment page states their system, “connects the resource allocation decision making process with university and divisional assessment, planning, priorities, and initiatives,” and it shows where each year’s funding is placed.

Not surprisingly, the most funding at UVU in the 2016-2017 academic year went toward the degrees with the most future financial success, such as the business, computer science and STEM+ based departments. According to the PBA page, the least goes to departments such as art.

Although UVU is setting up to show as competent with higher success rates, this hierarchy of funding emphasizes the same problem that many students choosing less stable degrees face: a lack of support.

Students choosing to go into art or any other department with less funding are paying the same tuition to UVU as students in business or computer science programs. Perhaps it is more difficult for those students to find steady careers later or to get a sufficient use out of their degree earned in those departments. However, while in school, they should not have to be concerned with the consequences of less funding than students in more financially secure majors. Equal opportunity among departments should not be a concern.

When attempting to stay equal in funding in regard to supplies, it is logical to see the differences in cost of supplies, especially when comparing something drastic, such as computers against paints. But the opportunity for that funding should stay open to all departments and be seen as necessary regardless of what is needed. Departments should never feel they do not have enough money to sufficiently teach their classes or assist their students to get the most out of their tuition dollars.

A serious look must be taken at the distribution of funds to each department; all students attending UVU should have the best opportunity to get as much as they can out of their degree. No student should worry about the degree they are going to be offered while in school — they should simply be able to learn as much about the subject as possible to prepare them for their future career.