How do UVU students feel about Valentine’s day?

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Photos by: Brooke Morrill, Photo Director, @brookemorrill



Alex McNeil-Sophomore

I think there are better things to spend money on than balloons and chocolate. It’s a good day for people to complain on Facebook. I was in a relationship on Valentine’s Day and it was equally disappointing.

I appreciate it in the sense that it’s a day you can have a date or some kind of romantic get-together, but more than anything I just like it because it’s the only holiday between Christmas and Easter where you get to buy candy.

I’ll probably take advantage of the deals going on. There’s a thing at the aquarium that’s half-off.


Sabrina Knight-Sophomore

I think that it’s definitely overdone. So many people say “forever alone” and that Valentine’s Day is just for people in relationships.

I think if I were in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, I would rather just spend my time with people I love instead of making it a big part of the year.


Kalin Hoffman-Freshman

I honestly don’t mind it, it’s a holiday. I think every day, if you have a person, you should express how you feel, and not just one day out of the year.

You should do spontaneous, random things, and not just the one time.


Gabriella Hermenta-Freshman

I work every Valentine’s Day so I don’t really care for it. It’s a nice day to express how I feel about someone.

I’m a caring person in general, so to have a reason to give someone a gift. The only thing that annoys me is when people say, “Oh, I don’t have a Valentine this year, it’s gonna be so dumb.”

You don’t need a Valentine, this is my first year that I’ve had a Valentine, and I just feel like it’s a day for caring.

You don’t need to be in a relationship to have a good time on Valentine’s Day.


Miranda Workman-Junior

I’m kind of neutral, I don’t care. I’ve never really thought it was a big deal. I don’t like buying stuff just because it’s a holiday. My husband is the same way, so it’s just another day that we don’t go out to eat because everyone else is out to eat.

To me it just seems like an artificial holiday. It’s just a commercialization of romance, so I don’t get into that.

I think that if you care about people, you should let them know every day, and not just one day a year when you’re supposed to buy people things with hearts on them.


Josh Tervort-Senior

I’m not that big on holidays so it’s just another day for me. I don’t think there’s a reason to celebrate on a specific day, you should celebrate whenever you want.

If I were in a relationship I would respect [my significant other’s] feelings about it and do something special for them. It’s a good day to share your emotions or tell someone how you feel. It’s a good reminder to do something like that, almost like anniversaries.

It gets annoying to me when they start selling Valentine’s stuff before they’ve cleaned up the Christmas stuff.

Since I’m single, this year I’ll probably watch a hockey game or find a date.


Emily Dautel-Junior

I’m impartial but I think we could do without it. I don’t think that you need a specific day to tell your significant other you love them. I think you should do it no matter what; it doesn’t need to be a special day.


Jose Torres-Freshman

I like it if I have somebody special to spend that time with.

I also like it because everyone is happy this month, and so they portray that to everyone else. Something nice about it is that you try to give the best thing, whether it be to your girlfriend, a family member or someone you love, but I kind of hate it when people go to the extreme.

I feel that Valentine’s Day is a simple way of showing love. Not only this month but everyday of your life.