Utah Style BBQ: 5 Star or bust

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Utah Style BBQ: 5 Star or bust

Dave’s Story

WHEN BLAKE TOLD me that there was a decent barbecue joint in Orem, I was a little wary. Utah isn’t known for its barbecue. On second thought, Utah isn’t really known for anything food-wise worthy of mention (I’m calling you out, Jell-O salad). JT, founder of Five Star BBQ, set out to change that. He fell in love with barbecue in the south, Arkansas precisely, but realized he couldn’t find any good meat when he returned to Utah. For the past few years, he has perfected his craft and has created “Utah Style” BBQ, a combination of styles from around the country. The result is slow, smoked meat that is completely next level.


While we were at the restaurant, the staff was kind enough to open the kimono and let us see the smoker where the meat hangs out for 12-16 hours. The result is USDA Prime Cut (that’s the good stuff, folks) brisket that melts in your mouth. Try that with the chipotle base “Kinda Hot” sauce if you’re up for a mouth-gasm. Kick it up a notch with the “Hot” sauce if you want to put a little hair on your chest; it has ghost peppers in it. Can’t stand the heat, but want to stay in the kitchen? The “Sweet BBQ” or “JT’s Mustard” have an awesome flavor too.


This place is may be out of the way, but definitely worth it. Come for the food, stay for the people. I highly recommend this joint, people. This is the type of gem you don’t find every day.


Blake’s Story

I put BBQ sauce on just about everything I eat. Literally. That is why I feel somewhat justified in calling myself a self-proclaimed expert of all things barbecue. If you think you’ve had decent BBQ here and haven’t gone to 5 Star, you are lying to yourself.


One of the menu items I tried for the first time was the BBQ Chicken. For all of you anti-red meat BBQ lovers (is that even possible?) or those who just want to try something new, this is the route you need to go. If you pair that with the Alabama sauce they have, you’ve got yourself a stew goin’ (shameless Arrested Development joke, I know).


Let’s also talk about the sides. We tried the coleslaw, fries, cornbread, garlic toast, macaroni and home made potato chips (yes, made IN-HOUSE!). The sides make the meal, no question about it. All of them are made in-house and taste divine.


Have you ever won a free meal at a restaurant? It’s an awesome feeling. 5 Star BBQ is so cool they have an Instagram and Facebook photo contest. If you upload a picture while there and tag or mention 5 Star BBQ in it, you’ll be entered to win a FREE meal for two and have your lovely art work displayed in their fine establishment. Awesome. Yet another reason to stop reading this review and get on over there!


Have you been to 5 Star BBQ before? What was your experience like? Let us know below…

PS: they cater as well, give them a call!


 5 Star BBQ


70 North Geneva Road, Orem Ut






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  1. I’ve been all over Happy Valley looking for the most palate tantalizing smoked barbecued food. Guess What?!! I found it. It’s called Smokehouse (smokehouseut.com) and the food melts in your mouth…no kidding! They have sweet deals everyday and they also cater!

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