Travel books

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Stoked Iba. Dave Iba/ UVU Review

Stoked Iba. Dave Iba/ UVU Review

If you ever walk into Barnes and Noble or Borders make your way over to travel section. Whether you are planning a trip or not, the time to prepare is now.

Travel books are a key component to a successful trip especially if you travel on a whim. I didn’t find this out until I was in Argentina with a million questions and a girl in my hostel referred me to my travel book. I felt dumb when I had to tell her I didn’t have one.

Don’t miss out in Buenos Aires like I did and buy a travel book beforehand. These books will help you in every aspect of your trip; everything from planning your itinerary to figuring out which beaches are safe to sleep on.

As a kid I asked my parents for Legos every Christmas and every birthday. I didn’t get them until I was 15 years old, about five years too late. Now I only ask for travel books. Thank goodness they listen to me now.

I’ve read most of the books from the company Lonely Planet, they are the best references if you ask me. Just glancing over my shoulder I see on my bookshelf the books on China, Peru and Western Europe. My storage unit is full of them, and I’ve never been to most of the places.

Having your trips planned out in advance liberates you to just go, assuming you have saved up the funds. The walls in my room are filled with maps of countries I’ve never been to. I carefully map the route out in clear tape first, then I can go over it with a Sharpie. You never know when you may want to change your itinerary.

So don’t get lost on your trip, have a travel book guide you on your journey. It is like having a personal tour guide who simultaneously knows everything there is to know about the country and has all all the time in the world.