To the editor

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This elections season is my first at UVU, and my social media pages are being flooded. I identify as an African-American students. With all the attacks and brutality in the news, it’s difficult to have students at UVU, most notably the current Executive Vice President considers race to be part of the non-traditional students spectrum. I not only find that to be offensive, but also concerning that someone students are trying to elect is saying race is a definer of non-traditional students.

I did some digging, and in trying to give Mr. Phil Varney some credit and the benefit of doubt, I continued reading the attached post. In my research, I noticed that most members of the UVUSA take various trips for leadership conferences. Mr. Varney says he wants to take money from those trip funds and give it back to students. I am wondering then why he is in favor of that now that election season is here, but wasn’t for the idea when UVUSA sent him and several other students to Washington D.C. in October. Also, if he is so in favor of giving funds from trips to students, why will he and other student body leaders be going again to D.C. and New York City in March?

If you can help me and other students understand why Mr. Varney believes race is a marker of non-traditional students, and why he is so publicly in favor of no trips but will be embarking on his second one right after elections, all on the dime of students?

I hope the Review will stand up for us students who deserve to have transparency from this and all candidates.

Thank You.

John Galt