Think twice before working during the semester

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Michelle Ngo, opinion writer, @michelle_tngo


If you were to spend an hour asking UVU students whether or not they were working during the school year, a majority of them would say yes. College students work while going to school so that they can afford tuition. In my opinion, students should strive away from the working environment and focus 100% on classes during the school year. You’re paying a lot of money for tuition, so it is definitely a good idea to not let a single cent go to waste. Get your money’s worth and achieve those A’s. 


I had a short conversation with a UVU student who agreed with me and then proceeded to tell me that she worked an entire summer, full-time, so that she wouldn’t have to work at all during the school year. As a result, she was able to score a nearly perfect 3.9 GPA for last semester. She told me that she wouldn’t have been able to get the grades she did, if she had been working during that time.


Another UVU student, Carson Strachan, told me otherwise. Last semester, he spent the hours he could’ve used to work in a job environment towards UVUSA. He volunteered and attended almost all the events and still somehow managed to pass all of his classes.


This fall semester, Strachan is putting his volunteer energy into working two jobs, a full-time and a part-time, as well as taking 16 credits. He has class from 7AM-11AM everyday and plans on working day and graveyard shifts. When asked why he was working so much, he explained that it was the only way he could afford to attend college.


Strachan is still planning on volunteering at all UVUSA events, even with this crazy schedule. He is confident that this semester will be no different than last semester and that he will still pass all of his classes. Hopefully Strachan will at least take some time off to work on homework and excelling in his classes. After all, it is ironic that he’s working so much to be able to attend school, only to get somewhat decent grades.  


There are many students who wouldn’t be able to handle working a job and going to school at the same time. Many people struggle with time management-balancing homework and working. Halfway through the semester, many students stop attending class for work related reasons. They lose their sense of priorities and put their job first. Students start believing that they can handle losing a couple of days of school and then make it up later. In all reality, catching up on school is harder than it seems. In college, attendance is everything.


Follow my advice, and save up for college prior to attending. That way, you are still definitely getting your money’s worth. 

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