The Moth & the Flame prepare for album release

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 The enigmatic posters that have dotted Utah Valley since late summer read only “11.11.11,” but those six digits have the local music scene in a tizzy. On Nov. 11, local band The Moth & the Flame debut their first album, “Self Titled.”


Co-founders Brandon Garbett and Matt Robbins met in a band and soon started material for their own project, The Moth & the Flame.


The rise of The Moth & the Flame is a story that sounds almost too good to be true. Their first appearance was at Velour Live Music Gallery as a last minute stand-in, where Velour owner Corey Fox was impressed by the duo and introduced them to Kaskade’s mixer, Mike Roskelley. Nate Pyfer, a local producer, was also at the show and offered to produce their album. They began work on it at June Audio a year ago.


Corey Fox opened another door for Garbett and Robbins, lining up Imagine Dragons drummer Andrew Tolman for The Moth & the Flame. The band plays as either a Garbett and Robbins duo or as a four- and sometimes five-piece band. The release concert will feature the full lineup, so “we can do the album justice,” Garbett said.


“Self-Titled” is a medley of musical styles that will debut at the birthplace of The Moth

& the Flame: Velour in Provo. Fellow bands Book on Tape Worm and Soft Science will also perform. 


In preparation for the album release, fans can visit the art installation that The Moth & the Flame built in Provo: three towering giants which make appearances in the upcoming music video the band shot recently. Measuring 20 feet tall, the giants may stand as greeters at the show on the 11th.


TheMoth & the Flame isn’t afraid to think big. The upcoming album, while not touting a specific message, conveys an idea.


“You won’t find political statements, religious views or any of ‘the issues’ in these songs, although some have been interpreted that way,” Garbett and Robbins said. “All of the songs on this album have come from an interesting place, a very serious and real place.”


The Moth & the Flame have spent the last 12 months experimenting heavily with the album, adding layer after layer.


“The lyrics throughout the album focus on redemption and hope. There is no fear in the album of being positive,” said Garbett. “At the same time there is plenty of sincere struggle that you hear.”