The guarded pathway to an answer

Reading Time: 2 minutes Strong opinions are created amid the chaos of politics.

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I think the entire nation is sure they have the answer to America’s problems. Half of them have one answer, and the other half has the opposite answer. The only thing that binds them is their degree of surety. The tricky part is that the proposed answers are completely opposite in nature. How can this be?

Well, it’s because we all value different things, but still, there can’t be two opposite answers to a problem. I am more in favor of there being no perfect answer, but very few people are with me on this. To add to this craziness, the information we hear is always biased and is not always truthful.

If you have ever watched law TV shows, you may be familiar with the term slander. There is a law that states one can’t create a malicious lie about someone and send it out, but this does not apply to public figures such as presidential nominees. If it is legal to say any lie about a candidate, then how are we supposed to trust anything we hear? And yet, everyone seems so sure.

Is the way we vote based on ideas and leadership capability? Or is it based on salesmanship? Which candidate is better at selling himself?

I believe most people are born into their political party. It is easy to see that families usually have the same political ideas about things. If this statement is only 75 percent true, then what if you happened to be born into a different family? If so many things are influencing our vote, how is any conclusion to be made?