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Things are disappearing

The mail will eventually stop showing up on Saturday. You can blame it on the government, but it really isn’t. People just don’t send stuff through the postal service anymore. Technology has taken away most of its customers. This is the way things are. The world is changing. Many things we knew as children are disappearing. There are only a few real pencil sharpeners on campus Disappearing - Stock exchangethat I know of; the testing center has them. Copy machines, when’s the last time I needed a copy of something? I can take a picture of anything with my phone and access it later on my computer. What’s next? Do you miss anything that once used to be readily available? Let us know what you think. Email us your thoughts; we’ll print them in next week’s paper.


Beginning and Finishing

Knuckle down. The end is near, but you’re already getting focused on next year aren’t you? What programs are you trying to get in to? What program are you finishing up? What was the best part about it? What is preventing you from getting in? Are there issues you can’t get past in scheduling, class sizes, individual professors? Who helped you get through and made things easier? Are you going to finish your education here or are you transferring? Why? Why did you transfer here? Send us your thoughts and experiences. We’ll share them in our next issue.