Synergy Dance Company features UVU as a theme for dance pieces

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Serena Hardy, a dancer with Synergy, prepares for the upcoming performance "Recapture." The show, which is highly student-produced, will feature dances that represent UVU.

Serena Hardy, a dancer with Synergy, prepares for the upcoming performance "Recapture." The show, which is highly student-produced, will feature dances that represent UVU.

Coinciding with Homecoming, the Dance department’s Synergy Dance Company is performing “Recapture” on Nov. 12-14 at 7:30 p.m. in the Regan Theater. The evening will feature dances based around the theme of UVU’s places and people.

The Synergy Dance Company is a class and a club on campus with the focus and mission of giving students the opportunity to create and choreograph their own pieces. It provides an avenue through which students can fully explore their artistic voices. Students are taught how to put a concert together, organize it and advertise it, in addition to choreographing and performing the piece.

“Recapture” is expected by organizers and participants to be an evening of vibrant and reflective contemporary dance which “recaptures” UVU’s uniqueness and beauty.

“It’s going to be an evening of humorous dance, an evening of dances that are physical and athletic, an evening of dances that feature different ideas and emotion,” said Amy Markgraf Jacobson, director of Synergy. With a smile, she added that “Recapture” will include wide variety of dances so that everyone will find one they really like and will enjoy.

This includes at least one dance which questions the perception that dance is just for women. Mark Borchelt, a faculty member, is presenting a piece that will feature the diverse physicality of the company’s men.

“The students are very open to this piece. The idea of the piece is how the muscular energy is manifested in the world,” Borchelt said. He encourages everyone to see this piece because it will reflect to the audience the deepest potentials of the being. He strongly believes that this dance reaches beyond words.

“Dance speaks to the human spirit,” he said.

Having a company where students are so involved in all aspects has offered many opportunities for the students to explore their potential.

“My goal is to teach deaf people how to dance. Every moment here with the Synergy Dance Company is helping me learn, grow and develop all the skills I  need to achieve my goal,” said Nielson Charlie Murray, a Modern Dance and Deaf Studies major.

“My experience in the Synergy Dance Company has given me the opportunity to see how a company runs, thereby making me more exposed to things that will help me be achieve my potential,” explained Henry Sanchez, a Ballet major. Sanchez added that he loves the art of dancing because dance teaches people a lot of emotional things that cannot be explained in words.

Ismael Arrieta, a sophomore studying dance and digital media, is a newcomer to the company. Though he puts in over 30 hours of dancing per week, he says, “It Is very hectic but every minute is worth it. This is a great opportunity for me to learn and become a professional someday.”

Not only are students going to perform what they have learned since the beginning of the semester, but “Recapture” will feature the pieces of faculty members. Jacobson said that her piece is “based on UVU and its sense of place. This piece has to do with the fact that we as a university have to create an identity and stand out.” She will be performing it alongside Artistic Director Angie Banchero-Kelleher.

“’Recapture’ is going to be packed with excitement for the students and faculty because people are going to see their long hours of practice come to life,” said Jacobson. “It really going to be a great, clever, inspired, poignant and physical evening of dance.”
Tickets are available at Campus Connection. Tickets for the general public are $10; students, faculty and staff are $8.