Student on the street: What do you think about 2017?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Name: Brooke Steinicke

Class: Senior

Major: Photography

“Overall it was a good year. I feel like overall it was a good one, but I’m still just ready for another one. I’m ready for a clean slate. I feel like by the end of the year you’re like yeah new year, I’m ready. Growing experiences, life choices. You don’t know where they’re going to take you, but it’s all right because you keep going. Just keep going.”


Name: Marina Jackson

Class: Junior

Major: Community Health

“Okay here’s mine. The days are long, but the months flew by and the year flew by as well. I just feel like it should be summer still. It’s just been a busy year. There were definitely good parts, but I have had a lot of change this year.”


Name: Nate Palmieri

Class: Junior

Major: Emergency Services

“I guess I would say it’s flown by super, super fast but it’s just been an exhausting year, I guess. It hasn’t been bad. It’s just been like long and hard, school-wise and work-wise.”


Name: Kyle Maguire

Class: Sophomore

Major: Information Technology

“Well for me it was a better year. It went better than last year. I’m doing better in school and I’m happier than I was last year. I got a new job. I switched my major to something I actually enjoy, and yeah that’s pretty much it.”


Name: Hans Greer

Class: Sophomore

Major: Criminal Justice

“I feel like it was a very tough year. With all the things happening, with the shootings, with all the forest fires going on? It was just a tough year. For myself, it was a tough year, too. I had some medical problems and stuff. Yeah.”


Name: Taylor Fernandez

Class: Senior

Major: Communication

“I don’t know. 2017 for me was just a normal year. It was fun getting into the last year for school, so that’s been kind of nice. I’m still looking forward to 2018 though.”