Student on the Street: Mid-term edition

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Photo by Julie Ostler

Name: Allyson Christiansen

Major: History Education

Year: Junior

“I never keep [New Years’ resolutions], so there’s no point [in making them] anyway. [The semester has] been going pretty good, I think. It’s hard to get to know people. I don’t live on campus, and I don’t live with people. I got married, so I just have a harder time getting to know people. [I transferred from] Snow College.

I think [midterms] went pretty good; I haven’t gotten results back from all of them, but so far I’ve done pretty good. I just make lots of flash cards [to prepare]. I guess I’m just excited to see what happens [this semester], advanced classes, and to see where my future takes me.”

Name: Michael Thurman

Major: Business Administration

Year: Junior

“I think I did [have resolutions], now I can’t remember. That’s not a good sign. Ok, I did set a goal to do all of my homework assignments this semester. I didn’t really remember that I set that as a goal, but with that one I am doing really good. This is the semester that I’ve done the best on keeping up with my homework. Other than that, I don’t think there [are] any other specific ones.

[The semester has] gone pretty good. I’ve done well on basically everything. There’s one test I bombed, but other than that I’ve done good on all my homework, my quizzes and my tests. The one I bombed, it opened up on a Thursday, but closed on a Tuesday before class. I totally forgot about it. Monday I remembered “Oh yeah, I have a test”, and I thought it was due Tuesday night, but it was actually due Tuesday before class. So, Monday night, before I went to bed, no studying, and it was timed and I had to have it done in 12 hours and I just hurried and took it and bombed it. The ones I did good on I did study for, or made a study sheet of things that I thought were important that may be on the test. But that one I didn’t study for at all.”

Name: Luisa Faumuina

Major: Nursing

Year: Freshman

“My New Years’ resolution was just to be more positive this year, because being a college student is pretty hard. You have to adult super hard. [I’m] just kind of seeing the best in everything that I do this year.

Actually, [the semester is going] really good. Like I wasn’t going to come to class today, but I was like it’ll all be worth it. Since it’s my first year, it’s been a roller coaster of excitement. It’s just crazy. One takeaway is the constant opportunities to grow within class, within clubs I’ve joined and things like that. The constant opportunity to grow in every aspect. I was surprised how much I’ve grown within the little time I’ve been in school.

[I’m] trying to do my best to study, but it’s hard having classes, clubs and sports. It’s definitely helped me to be more excited with college, and just expand my relationships with others. It’s really awesome. Within sports you gain a whole other family. They’re relatable to you as well, as they’re going through the same thing, so it’s pretty cool.”

Name: Muzi Gama

Major: Accounting

Year: Senior

“I always do [make New Years’ resolutions]. First and foremost, I just want to improve my GPA as I want to go into the MBA program, and they need at least a 3.5. So I’m trying to maintain that and maybe do much better on that. On top of that, I’m trying to get healthier. [I’m] going to the gym so that I don’t get as stressed, because school can be stressful sometimes. [My resolutions are going] pretty good actually, way good. I’m surprised, but hey, it’s only two months into the year. Let’s not get all excited.

[This semester is] kind of stressful. The higher you go with your classes the more challenging they are, but I’m hanging in there. I’m doing better with each test or exam.

[Midterms are] coming up this week actually. I perform better under pressure, so I always wait until the last minute and freak out. When I freak out I do better, it’s really weird. Aside from just doing my homework and doing all I can, I don’t think I’m doing anything out of the ordinary.”

Name: Trevor Larson

Major: Business Management

Year: Senior

“One of [my resolutions] was to schedule out my day ahead of time each day, and to wake up at 6:30 every morning with a set routine of stuff to do. [I’m keeping up with it] pretty good. Not perfect, but pretty good so far. I got sick for a few weeks and that threw me off, but I’m trying to get back in the routine.

[This semester has] been going super well so far. I’m just here on Tuesday and Thursday, so that’s kind of nice, not having to be here every day.

I usually just try to [study] a little bit every day in each class, that way I never have to run into the cram sessions and get really stressed. It keeps it low-stress and I’m able to internalize stuff a lot better than normal. That’s what organic chemistry taught me.

[My biggest takeaway is] just using the schools’ resources. Besides just trying to get good grades, there [are] so many things that the school offers to students that you just can’t get when you’re not part of the student body.”