Student on the street: Debate edition

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Name: Christian Stewart
Year: Junior
Major: Psychology
“I feel like voting has gotten a lot of millennials like, ‘I don’t need to vote, I don’t want to vote.’ I saw that and was like, I should probably step up keeping up with the election. It’s getting pretty close… With the way that the polls are looking, so far from what I know it’s between Hillary and Trump. What are the odds of a third party actually winning?
I’m not a fan of either Hillary or Trump. At this point I might be leaning more toward Trump, but that’s just because I dislike Hillary more.”

Name: Sydney Vanstee
Year: Sophomore
Major: Public Relations
“Between Hillary and Trump? Oh my gosh. Can we do a third party?
I haven’t done a whole lot of research, which is probably bad. I would probably, just from things that I’ve read, I’d probably lean more towards Gary Johnson, but I’d have to do more research, obviously.”

Name: Skyler Payne
Year: Junior
Major: Financial Planning
“Honestly, I’m probably just going to do a write in. I believe in voting, but I don’t support either of them very much.
Not Scooby Doo, and it’s definitely not going to be Deez Nutz either. I don’t know, it’s going to take some thought.”

Name: Carson Gilbert
Year: Freshman
Major: Accounting
“I mean, it’s where our nation’s going. It’s my obligation as a citizen of the United States of America. ‘Murica. Not Hillary, but I haven’t decided between Trump or Johnson.”

Name: Aaron Hall
Year: Senior
Major: Public Relations
“Is it just Trump and Hillary? Then no. That’s stupid. I’m a McMullin guy anyways.
We’re all citizens of this country, right? And I mean, whoever we elect as president is going to have a direct impact on our lives. We can’t just sit back and be like, ‘Oh yeah, it doesn’t affect me.’ It does. They govern this country in which you live.
Sometimes it’s easy to think that my vote doesn’t matter because you’re one of… millions. If everyone knew that their vote mattered, Trump or Hillary wouldn’t be running right now. What is it, I think like 40 percent of people vote? So, if that other 50 percent pitched in and really voted according to their conscious, I don’t think we’d have as many political problems as we do now.”

Name: Kaitlyn Hickman
Year: Sophomore
Major: Philosophy
I want to say that I plan on voting, and I want to vote, but I don’t think that I will because I don’t want either of the candidates. It’s not that I don’t think that my vote matters, but it kind of is that as well. I think it is really important. I think that people should always vote, which is a total contradiction of my actions; I realize it’s a hypocritical thing to say, but I do think it’s important.
Yeah, it would probably be Gary Johnson if I voted. There’s so many factors weighing into it that I don’t have time and that I have all of these other things that I need to do, and I’m not happy about the candidates right now, and voting is new to me, and all these different excuses I have, but they’re just adding on to the reason I’m not voting.”

Name: Sarah Davis
Year: Junior
Major: Community Health
“I wasn’t planning on voting, but then I also know that if I’m not going to vote then I can’t complain about what happens, so…
I just never really think about it, so I guess maybe not that important, which is bad because it should be important… I just have never voted. I always think that’s for older people to do, but now I’m an older person so I need to start thinking that it’s important and actually doing something about it.”