Staff infection-What did you collect as a child and/or teen and what happened to your collection?

Reading Time: 2 minutes I collected baseball cards, but I had to use them to start a fire when I was trapped in the wilderness.
– Kyle Jellings, Managing editor

Reading Time: 2 minutes

I collected baseball cards, but I had to use them to start a fire when I was trapped in the wilderness.
– Kyle Jellings, Managing editor

Painful and awkward memories. The collection got bigger.
– David Self Newlin, Opinions editor

I was a fully fledged member of the official Get-Along-Gang. I had the badge, certificate and about 150 comics and annuals. For a while I agitated my family with acts of goodwill and proclamations of teamwork and co-operation. It was soon beaten out of me by my older sister.
– Loran Cook, Copy editor

Bottle caps. My little brothers decided to copy me, so in a fit of twelve-year-old angst I gave my collection to them. Now I wish I had it because I could make really cool art with them.
– Lindsey Linge, Culture editor

Pick up lines for after I went through puberty.
– Trent Bates, Photo editor

I collected baseball cards; my kid-brother now makes 50 cents off of every handful a neighborhood kid can grab at yard sales my mother holds. That makes one less person to disperse my future assets to in my will when I die.
– Jack Waters, Writer in residence

Insecurities, mostly.
– Emma Hunt, Copy chief

Better question: What DIDN’T I collect? The Jones Soda label collection I had ended up as a lampshade and the bouncy ball collection I had is still at my parent’s house. Remember Utah Jazz pogs? I had all the players, including the great Stockton and Malone. Classic.
– Jennie Nicholls, Editor-in-chief

It will surprise everyone who knows me — but I have always collected books. I still have one that was given to me by my third grade teacher and read it to my grandchildren.
– Robbin Anthony, Office manager

I mostly amassed a collection of deep psychological scars as a child.
– Rob Steffen, Video producer

I used to collect model horses. I had a stable and everything 🙂 Now they are in storage somewhere, and I think my nieces and nephews have gotten their hands on a few…
– Jessica Burnham, Campus editor

Baseball cards. I had the greatest players of all time: Roger Maris, Mickey Mantle, Ted Williams, Ty Cobb, etc.  However, they were stolen and I never got them back. I could have retired if I had them today.
– Brent Sumner, Media coordinator

I started stamp, rock and coin collections, but they never lasted longer than a day or two. I now collect mugs and license plates from places I have been.
– Spencer Shell, Section designer