Shall we dance?

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As August draws to a close and fall semester takes off, many students are transitioning from the hazy days of summer back into the fast-paced rhythm known as “real life.” However, one group of students’ summer break has been more work than play. The UVU Ballroom Dance Company has been eagerly preparing for one of the biggest competitions of the year. The Embassy Ball, held in Irvine, California, is a national formation competition that draws ballroom dance teams from all over the United States. If practice makes perfect, the ballroom company should be well prepared.

“We’ve been working very hard.” says Laura Payne, ballroom director at UVU. “We have rehearsed five days a week all the way from last fall.”

At stake in a competition as grand as this? The national title and representation for the United States in the world competition. If this isn’t rewarding enough on its own, over $106,000  is available in cash and prizes, as well as top teacher awards and the opportunity to perform for revered judges from around the globe.

This year’s event, which is taking place September 3rd through the 6th, is bound to draw its fair share of competition. But with such credentials as 1st place at the Open British Formation, a shining 2nd place at the United States Formation, and grand champions at both Ricks College Formation and Desert Challenge Ballroom Championships, the UVU Ballroom Company has come a long way from its community college roots. UVU is now home to one of the largest public collegiate programs in the United States and the company has developed over the last few years into its own premiere performance troupe. Suffice it to say, the team comes highly recommended.
“We’re excited and very grateful.” continues Payne, “Very grateful.” ???.