The paranormal might be more than mere belief 

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Paranormal subjects, specifically those of ghosts and spirits, are universally popular. Though substantial proof of the supernatural has not been discovered, many still believe in a hereafter or some version of it.

In 2015, Chapman University surveyed the beliefs of Americans and found that 41 percent believe places can be haunted by spirits, and 26 percent believe the living and dead can communicate with each other. The university listed ghosts as the most believed metaphysical topic in America by far; this raises questions about the reasoning behind Americans’ beliefs, and it suggests that with so many people believing in some kind of spirit or ghost, the paranormal may not be as farfetched as it seems.

In their research, Chapman University also mentioned that religion, the media and the human need to explain the unknown encourages beliefs in the supernatural. If one does believe in the paranormal, experiences that could be seen as coincidences are more likely to be interpreted as supernatural. In a study done by The Atlantic, it was argued that people who think about supernatural activity more often are more likely to witness or notice odd occurrences that could be argued as paranormal.

Those who claim to have seen ghosts, or those who believe in the supernatural based on personal experiences, often seem less credible to skeptics, especially as these experiences are often difficult to prove. With no solid evidence, and for many, no personal paranormal experiences, it is easy to be skeptical. But having 41 percent of Americans embracing the idea of life after death or other supernatural phenomena seems more than a coincidence.

There is, however, no doubt that there are certain inexplicable occurrences and phenomena in the world. For the skeptics, these phenomena are unknown because science or reason has been unable to explain them, but for the many others who believe in the paranormal, science will never be able to explain these occurrences because they are supernatural and hence beyond the purview of human science.

Some measure of truth is often behind most beliefs, especially ones as universal as ghosts. When people say they have seen ghosts, or say their homes are haunted or claim to have witnessed paranormal occurrences; they could be lying, deluded or actually be experiencing something real and true. There is really no way to be certain, especially since science as yet cannot offer any lasting answers. Until the phenomena of ghosts is scientifically proven or disproved, many will keep trusting the truth of their personal experiences or the claims of others.