One week off, six weeks on

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In many parts of, Utah it’s more like job application week. But no, really. Pest control services, home security systems and satellite TV subscriptions have to be sold by someone. Time to get your job on, not your sunscreen and tankinis. For those with jobs already, you’re probably working and catching up on the homework you didn’t do last week. Spring break has begun for some, but not all.

Although it’s technically not spring, Utah Valley students are off for the week. With added time to slack off and sleep in, many are getting a jump-start on their future instead. Resumes are getting updated and running shoes are getting laced up. Some students might actually be cleaning their apartment and folding laundry. All this extra time is adding up to some unusual behavior. It may be spring break at UVU, but bags are packed and bottles aren’t popping.

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 1.27.50 PMSummer jobs might be more competitive than they have been in the past. Door-to-door sales are always an option but might not be the only ones available now that a considerable amount of younger students are out serving missions. Either way, the chance to land a job might depend on how well this week is used in showing up with a clean resume and dressed to impress.

The campus will still be open most of the week. Some student employees will be hard at work, unlike you and me. Yeah right, you have that part-time job to get you through college. Employers don’t give out spring break “get-out-of-work-free cards.” So you, along with many of your fellow classmates, will still have your nose to the grindstone, or whatever that phrase implies for you.

Social life is back on the schedule for those students that aren’t married or swooning their prospects. Much of the break won’t be spent on studies since midterms are behind us and finals are still over a month away. The local Redbox is going to experience a slight downward trend. The theater is prepared and will be popping extra corn for the surge of moviegoers.

While the party music plays, seniors might not be seen or heard from. Unlike some of their younger counterparts, graduation looms near. The culmination of years of effort is coming down to the final stretch. With each hour spent on their thesis papers and capstone projects, they approach the ultimate goal. UVU students don’t emulate other college dorm hopping coeds and frat brother habits; they’re a bedroom community of hard working community contributors. One more giant leap left to take.

The rest of you not reading this probably went to Vegas and might be reading this halfway into March as you return to the college grind. You may have learned a thing or two about a hot vacation spot. Maybe you got as far as the ocean. Hopefully you didn’t blow your college savings or April rent money. If you hit the jackpot, good for you. Just be sure to check back in and show up for class. Store those dreamy ideas of summer break for another month so you don’t go stir crazy in the college algebra class at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday.

I hope you made the most of the week you were given, because now there are only six weeks left until the semester ends. That means finals, term papers and graduation for others. Each day is precious, not that there is anything wrong with enjoying the liberties associated with the college life, by all means, enjoy yourself; just don’t forget to rejoin the rest of us in the finishing process.