On our side

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s not who’s side you’re on, it’s having the freedom to choose the right side.

Reading Time: 3 minutes
The United States of America is not a country of cowards. It is a place where people defend freedoms, common and precious freedoms. Very few places in the world can make such a statement. This nation is not a rule-making oligarchy. Sure, there are halls of justice and law, congregations of legislatures and even precincts of enforcement officials, but they are not there to restrict liberty and inhibit choice. In the simplest of descriptions, they exist so that no other person, corporation or other group can infringe upon your rights.

All of this seems ordinary and common, but it is not. It is new. What seems to be new and continually growing is cowardice. Meek and charitable people exist in abundance in this great country, but they are not boisterous and opinionated. They fill in with the majority when the majority calls upon them. Strong and powerful individuals have come together to form organizations that speak loudly, and for this they are often targeted. None should be without a voice, but none should be spoken over by the other. But now the cowards are multiplying, and not in numbers, but in actions. They are individually planting fear in the hearts of children and in the minds of citizens.

Take Responsibility - Connor AllenwebAmerica has a new enemy to fight, one to contend with and even wage war against if necessary. The problem is that the enemies are cowards and won’t show themselves. They hide and prey upon the weak and defenseless. The solution, the battle, the struggle is new. The battlefield is incomprehensibly large. The weapons are the same. The blame is one we all must carry. So we must become smarter. We must engage ourselves in the cause, and we must not delay sounding the alarm.

Guns do not kill people. They never have. People kill people. They always have. They always will. Of all the phrases I’ve learned to love since I served in the Marines, I appreciate one more than any other: “Live. Or die trying.” It has a certain ring to it. I will not surrender my rights to placate the cowards who defend cowardice. I will not deny another their rights either. I believe in freedom. I believe in us. I believe in honesty.

It’s time. It’s past time. We must become more intelligent. We must rely on those with more intelligence. We must cease to be arrogant. We must use our words with the importance they were designed to be used with. We must use the gifts we have been given. Slander and libel have been allowed to frequent our own mouths too often. Yes, you and me. Us. We choose words with ease and lax that has taken disrespect and condemnation to an acceptable level. We must learn to appreciate and value information once again.

Individually, people are smart, and as a whole, they are even smarter. Senses and impressions do not fool nor persuade everyone. Few may fall for pretenses and acting, but it never lasts. Somehow, some way, we must unite to find, expose and prevent the cowards from causing destruction, harboring a rage of furr, and vilifying our great nation. To protect each other we must be watchful and communicate our thoughts. Preventative measures may not be in order, but responsive action must be planned. We know who the cowards are, we know the people who wish to plant their anger in our havens of happiness. Do not let the cowards act in cowardice. Do not limit our freedoms. We will find them on our own and in time, rid this great nation of the fear that threatens to fight against our freedom.

To the victims of senseless violence, you are the last victims. We are all on duty.