Mardi Gras comes to Utah

Students braved the cold weather and turned out in hoards for the Mardi Gras party held on Feb 25. Jazz music, provided by the school’s very own jazz band, flooded all corners of the student center as carnival games were played, spray-on tattoos were applied and scented oxygen from the Oxygen Bar was breathed.

Thrown by UVUSA, approximately 1,500 students showed up to enjoy the festivities of Mardi Gras. Trying to provide more than just a traditional dance, student government also booked hypnotist Bruce McDonald and comedian Mal Hall for two shows each throughout the night.

The most popular feature of the party, however, was the spray-on tattoo booths. Located across from the bookstore, students lined up to have Mardi Gras masks painted on their faces, tribal designs plastered on their arms or beautiful flowers attacked to their lower backs. Some waited as long as 20 minutes to be decorated, but none seemed to mind.

A kissing booth, sponsored by Kisstixx, showcased both men and women ready to lay one on anyone who was willing. Kisstixx, a former-student owned lip balm company, has sponsored other events on campus, including True Wolverine, and were happy to help out their alma mater.

The only place jazz music didn’t seem to dominate was in the ballroom where the songs of Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce and Rihanna reigned supreme. Though not the most popular event at the beginning of the evening, students gravitated toward the ballroom as the night wore on and danced until Mardi Gras was declared over at 2 a.m.

As one of the biggest events thrown by UVUSA this semester, Mardi Gras offered students a chance to relax and have fun, even if it was just for one evening.

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