Love is all you need: bisexual

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One would think that being bisexual or even pansexual on the biggest romantic holiday of the year would open up some door for you.

After all, some basic math would tell you that liking both genders or not even just being open to everything regardless of the binary gender stigma, means that you have at least doubled your options. The fact of the matter is that it can be just as hard finding a valentine regardless of your sexual orientation

This will be my first year fully out of the closet as a bisexual on Valentine’s Day. If the little dating experience that I’ve had since I’ve come all the way out is a good orientation marker to go by then not much will change from last year.

I’ll still go out and have some fun with my single friends. I’ll still try to meet some new people. I’ll still listen to how wonderfully amazing my married friends’ day was on Feb. 15.

I may be a hopeless romantic, who will never stop dreaming about getting my big kiss at the end of the movie. The only difference for me this year is that kiss now has the fully realized potential to be with a girl.

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