Letter to the editor

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The UVU testing center is no vacation. Unfortunately, my classes this semester have left me no choice but to pay frequent visits to this dreaded piece of land. Each time I go, I pray that my next experience will be better than the last and so far my prayers are left unanswered. I like to consider myself an average test taker who has never minded taking a test and until this semester, it has always been easy for me to stay focused and perform well.

I realized my UVU testing center disease when I took my first test there this semester.  The moment I walked through the doors, the clock stopped ticking, my heart started to race, amnesia hit me and I perspired as the temperature increased with each step that took me further into the building. Believe it or not, waiting in line was the least of my worries.  During the 45 minutes that I waited in line, I concentrated real hard, but not on the test that I was about to take. I concentrated on not letting my current physical state overtake me. Once I conquered the line I thought it couldn’t get any worse until I was put in a small classroom that was even hotter than the hallway and crammed with even more students who were in no better a state than I was. Scoring high on the test wasn’t the real challenge, making it out of the testing center alive was.

Sharee Merrell