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As I was leaving the amazing Vagina Monologues performance tonight, I was talking to a friend who had tried to buy her tickets through Campus Connection, but they wouldn’t sell them to her. She found out later that some of the people who work there were “protesting” the Monologues by refusing to sell the tickets. I was surprised and disgusted. I would like to know if these people actually understand what they’re protesting, and if not (as I suspect), I’d like to inform them.


All the proceeds from the Vagina Monologues went to help survivors of rape, which is one of the worst problems in our society today. The Monologues not only help financially, but provide much needed emotional support for rape victims and women in general. I would challenge these people to actually talk to the people involved with this movement and try to understand the importance of this issue before they protest something as vital as helping victims of rape and violence, victims who they take classes with, work with, and possibly even live with. I happen to be one of them and the fact that people protest my recovery- likely because they are for some reason offended by the word “vagina,” is hurtful and upsetting, and makes me very angry at the ignorance perpetuated by these actions. The very least anyone can do is at least educate themselves on what they are protesting, before they protest.


-Loraine Gholdston

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