The joys of dressing up

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Samantha Ghan, Opinions writer, [email protected]


We do many things to celebrate Halloween. In my family, we decorate the house with pumpkins, spiders, witches, cats and so much more. It looks amazing when we are done.

We take our children trick or treating where they receive a pillow case full of candy that will make them sick for days. But one of the greatest joys we have is dressing up.

We see little boys dressed up as their favorite superhero, or little girls dressed up as their favorite princess. We also see adults dressing up. We see men as pirates or superheroes. Women dress up as kitty cats or witches.

There is something about dressing up as something or someone else. My favorite costume is a superhero that my friend and I made up. Her name is Nocturnal Wonder. I get to wear my penguin footie pajamas and a blanket as a cape. There are bags under my eyes and my hair is a ratted mess, looking like I just woke up. My super power is my nauseating morning breath which beats the bad guy every time.

Getting with your roommates is a lot of fun as well. You turn on dance music that makes the floors shake and get ready. As I pull out the eye shadow to make the bags under my eyes I imagine the how good they will look to give Nocturnal Wonder the tired look. I rat my hair to make it look like I have had a good night’s sleep and I just woke up. As I pull on my footie pajamas, I think of the sweat that will be along my brow in about five minutes because footie pajamas are hot. Then, the finally touch, the blanket cape. That is when I feel completely like Nocturnal Wonder.

While I am in character, I really feel like a superhero and like I could defeat anything that comes my way. I feel important and needed. I save the world from terrible beast and monsters that try to invade our world. I feel powerful when I face them.

That is the joy of dressing up. You feel outside of yourself and can be whoever you want to be. Dressing up is also just so much fun. You get to look weird and it’s okay because everyone else looks that way as well. It is a day that you can bring out your inner self and no one will judge you.

Dressing up and showing off every Halloween, pretending to be someone else, is the greatest joy of this time of year.