Jesse Ruins the MAWL: Ethical behavior in the bleachers

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Monday, Sep. 26, UVU Women’s Soccer held an afternoon match at Clyde Field. During this match, a member from the MAWL was kicked out for heckling. Throughout the match, he continued to say sexist remarks to players and the referee till the ref. finally had enough. Like a trophy, the student/member later tweeted* out his glory of being kicked out of the game.


Early morning Tuesday, Oct. 4, someone from the MAWL sent out a tweet that most definitely encouraged their members to participate in this unethical behavior. The tweet has since been deleted; however, journalism 101 here: Watch what you tweet or message out – once it’s out, it’s out for good, and never, ever delete a tweet. It looks bad. Your best bet is to issue a retraction and an apology. The tweet itself leads to an important question, however. How should we, as students, engage ourselves at university sponsored activities and sporting events?


It’s important to show our school spirit. That reason alone is why we have the MAWL. However, when we are sitting in the bleachers or stands, standing on the grass or attending any sporting event on campus, we are representing the University. When one of us decides to get overly “rowdy,” erratic, obscene or disrespectful in any way, shape or form, we ruin it for the remaining student body. Essentially, it misrepresents our school and everything we stand for.


It’s important for students to be involved. “When it comes to the MAWL, everyone is already a part of it… We want students to be a part of something that’s growing faster than any other school in the state,” said Birch Eve, Student Body President.


Students, the refs have one job to do, and sometimes they suck at it. But we can’t say sexist or inappropriate remarks to players or refs. It is harassment and can result in legal action, in case you didn’t know. Keep your cool, have a good time and represent yourself, as well as UVU, in the best standards.


Keep it classy, Wolverines.



*Please note that UVU Review did publish the tweet in our tweet of the week, not fully aware of the context of the tweet. It in no way reflects how we view behaviors, and apologize for the publication.

Also know that when interviewing Tanner Mcquivey, MAWL President, he had no knowledge of who distributed or deleted the tweet, let alone the tweet even going out.