Improv club continues summer comedy

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UVU improv troupe makes with the funny. Kelly Cannon / UVU Review

On Friday July 9, UVU’s improv club What?s So Funny? put on their second performance of the summer. Playing in front of around 30 people, each player was musically introduced by Reed Parkinson at the piano. Parkinson also guaranteed the show would be the “best two dollars you spend all day.”

The eight club members played twelve different games, each one relying on the quick thinking and sense of humor of the members. Chris Clark and Tyler Judd showed not only their cleverness but also their confidence in the game “Sound Effects”. Both Clark and Judd were relaxed and helped each other out to provide the maximum amount of humor from the scene.

The show debuted their latest game, called “Up Yours”, where teams of three perform a scene until the other team shouts, “Objection!” and states something they disagree with in the scene. The judge, played by members Tara Howard and Katie Fallon, would then decide if they were overruled, thus allowing the team to continue or if the objection was sustained, thereby making the teams switch and the new team carry on from there.

The most hilarious moments of the game came from Drew Young at the comment, “Spread your legs.” Young shouted, “Objection! I never want to hear that again!” The motion was sustained and Drew?s team was able to take over once the audience was able to regain composure from fits of laughter.

This show was also the debut of three new members, Lehif Martin, John Howard and Tara Howard.

“It’s been a great way to make friends,” noted Tara. She and her husband joined the group after seeing one of their shows and deciding to stay after to play games with the other members. Martin, wanting to find a way to get involved with the school, joined after seeing the group at a UVU club rush. “You surprise yourself,” he said. “You find yourself coming up with stuff you never thought you could.”

What?s So Funny? practices in PS 202 every Tuesday at 7 p.m. Any student is welcome to come.

“You can just come and watch if you want,” said Clark when talking about practices. “You can join in when you’re comfortable. We?re really open to everyone. If you want to just come and laugh on Tuesday nights, that’s fine. There’s really no pressure.”

For more information on What’s So Funny? email the club at [email protected].

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