The great costume debate

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With Halloween being at the end of the week, many people are probably debating whether to wear their costumes to class; but I say, why not?

When we were little just about everyone wore costumes to school; there was no question if you should or not. In high school less people dressed up, but many still did.

Now we’re in college, and even less people wear costumes. For the last few years I have debated whether to wear my costume to classes or not. I have every year.

Some of those who oppose wearing costumes on campus say  dressing up for the holiday for children. They say that when you are in college it is time to set aside the things from your childhood and become an adult.

School and work force us to be professional and “adult-like” every day. Halloween lets us reflect back to when we were children and have some entertainment in the process.

“[Dressing up] is a fun break from the norm, allowing us to celebrate the holiday and express our creativity. All as a whole, it makes going to school on a holiday more enjoyable,” said Corbin Scott, a marketing student.

It is fun to come up with creative ideas for something that you can be for Halloween. I enjoy walking around campus and seeing what crazy things that our fellow students have dressed up as.

Yes, some people get a little eccentric in their choice of outfits, to say the least. Costumes have developed to become sexy and scandalous, which I think is just crazy and inappropriate. We are all adults, but that doesn’t mean that we want to see that much of you.

While original, carrying a sword and shield but wearing nothing except a Speedo and a cape to be a Spartan is a little much. Please cover up and wear something that actually counts as clothes. Don’t use this holiday to wear the least amount of clothing as possible.

If you want to be something that is unique, browse the Internet. Pinterest has a ton of ideas for do it yourself costumes. Think outside the box and you can be something that no one else would be, while having fun in the process.

I have found that the crazier the costume, the more fun I have had. I’m talking things like “cloudy with a chance of rain” or “gum stuck under a shoe.” Yes, those are things I have dressed up as. Seriously, off the wall things are the best.

If you’re concerned that someone will make fun of you, don’t worry; most people are more mature than they were in high school so it is very unlikely to happen. Besides, dressing up can be a way of showing people that you don’t care what they think.

You might get some puzzled looks, but that is usually just people trying to figure out who you could be.

I have seen people in the professional working world wear costumes on Halloween. So what makes being in college so different that you can’t be crazy for just one day? The school even hosts a Halloween dance every year.

So if you were not planning on wearing a costume, think about changing your mind. It’ll give you a chance to have some fun and change up your day.