Good Gaming: An Introduction of sorts

We are starting an online-only gaming column. Let’s get to know me, and what we’ll be talking about.

Gaming has always been something very dear to my heart. I have played ever since my parents made the poor decision of getting me a Game Boy with that copy of Tetris that almost everyone who calls themselves a gamer has played. They regret that decision to this day.

Now I’m all grown up, and games have been a part of my evolution every single step of the way. Now they connect me to my brother, who lives across the country, and to friends I have made along my journey. They bring me closer to people who live across the country, and I have been able to talk to people I never would have been able to without them.

I care about the issues that affect the gaming community every day. I want to share the joy of gaming with as many people as possible. To show people that don’t play the joy of our culture, the great people involved, and the kinship that we share thanks to our hobby.

I also will not hesitate to expose the darker side of gaming either. The harassment that occurs on a regular basis, and the effects of gaming on social lives, though that is a very difficult thing to approach. I will make it my goal to hopefully at least make a small change in the gaming community, though that probably won’t happen.

I am starting this weekly column to share my love of gaming with you, my readers, and to hopefully get your feedback and hear about your love of gaming as well. I want this to be a very open experience, and will gladly share my Gamertag with anyone that wants to sit a chat about gaming for a bit, or anyone who just wants to play a game.

I am also open to suggestions about what games to play, and what topics you would like to read about. I will do my best to present them in a fair way, but to be honest I suck at some games, and just may not like them. I will, however, try, just for you.

This is a labor of love for me, and an experiment for the paper. So I hope it works out well for both parties, and for you, the reader. I am here to make this as interesting as possible while still presenting important topics in gaming.

So, here we go. I really hope this works out.

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