Ghosts: real or not?

Reading Time: 2 minutes


Name: Sam

Class: Sophomore

Major: Elementary Education 

“No, I don’t really believe in ghosts. There’s no point to them. They are either there to just scare people or they are to help people discover something, but I would think that is just intuition. Ghosts are always negative; they aren’t ever guides or spirits. I don’t know what the point would be for a spirit to stay on earth I guess unless it was to try to help someone. I think if we are in a dark room or an abandoned building we’re scared because we don’t know what kind of people are in there, but not of actual ghosts.”


Name: Katrina Parrish

Class: Freshman

Major: Biology

“I don’t believe in ghosts, but then I believe in other things. I come from a Navajo culture and we believe in shapeshifters, which aren’t really ghosts, just paranormal. Personally, I’ve never really experienced [ghosts], but if I experienced one, I would believe it.”


Name: Emma Walker

Class: Senior

Major: English

“Oh, I don’t know. I don’t know, I’ve never thought about it. It just freaks me out too much. I guess yes, then. Probably, after thinking about it. Probably more just the soul though. I think they’re still here. There’s too many things that happen. So, yes, I guess I do.”


Name: Cougar Einfeldt

Class: Junior

Major: Political Science

“I believe in ghosts, sort of. I believe in spirits. First off, I believe there is a god, and I believe each of us existed before this life, but there are also lives after this life. You say ghosts, but they are more spirits of ancestors. I don’t think they’re real in the way Halloween interprets it, like spooky where they haunt people.”


Name: Brady Fisher

Class: Sophomore

Major: Pre-med

“Definitely. I’ve seen ghosts. I served [an LDS] mission in the Philippines, and in the Philippines, there is a lot of witchcraft and stuff. There were a lot of houses that we would move into that people had seen things. So yes, I do believe in them. They’re definitely real.”


Name: Brayden McLaughlin

Class: Freshman

Major: Exercise Science

“Yes, I believe in ghosts because I’ve had paranormal experiences. In California, the house I lived in was haunted. We had doors slamming and opening at night, and I felt someone watch me go to the bathroom, too. So for that reason, yes.”