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Election day is nearing, and with it comes the opportunity for citizens to vote for a candidate who best represents their interests, yet many young people say they don’t vote because their vote doesn’t count. However, our votes do count so long as we participate in state and presidential elections. Regular voting leads to change; it simply takes time.

Elections might look different if more people, namely young voters, actually participated in them. Sitting around complaining about the lack of representation in government while simultaneously not voting is counter-productive. It does not change the outcome of the next election. Rather, this practice guarantees the return of the same officials or new officials with the same agenda as the old.

If we want to see our interests represented on a state and federal level, we must actively participate. Students need to get out there and become informed participants in the election process. They need to take the time to do research on candidates and find their stance on important issues and policies. This will enable them to choose a candidate who represents their interests and walk away from an election knowing they made an informed choice.

Votes make a difference when there is active participation in state and federal elections. Choosing not to vote dooms students to a continued lack of representation and won’t bring any real change. As students, it is our duty as democratic citizens to participate in public life through voting. Our opinions don’t matter when we sit around and let others vote for us. So, please, the next time you complain to me about our elected officials, make sure you actually voted for someone.

Election day is November 8 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voter registration can be done online, in person or by mail through your county clerk’s office. The deadline for online and in person registration is November 1. Registration by mail must be completed by October 25. No excuses. Get to the polls and vote for change.

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  1. I don’t normally vote, but when I do, I vote on who would hurt the country the least. Either way we’re screwed.

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