Ballroom dancing at its best

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Photo courtesy of Scott Asbell
Photo courtesy of Scott Asbell

When the now-presigious dance festivals began in Blackpool, England in 1920, there were only three dance sequences in which the competitors were able to participate: the Waltz, Foxtrot and Two Step. Though it began small, this world-renowned competition has evolved throughout the years to become globally prominenent.

This festival now draws the most talented ballroom dancers from around the world to compete. And if UVU is known for one thing, it is our incredible ballroom dance program with its exceptionally talented ballroom dancers.

“We go to Blackpool about every other year. And we go to the national championships every year in Irvine, California. BYU and UVU are number one and two respectively,” said UVU Ballroom Dance Director Scott Asbell. “When we go to Blackpool they know who we are. We’ve won four times before, so we’ve developed a good reputation.”

The UVU Ballroom Dance Company’s pre-tour Spring Concert began on March 24, and it is one you won’t want to miss. There is still one more performance you can see; the doors open at 6:30 p.m. tonight, March 29, at the Ragan Theatre.

The UVU ballroom dance team will going to Blackpool, England this summer and will be competing for the Open British Ballroom Dance Formation Team Championship.

And while most of us won’t have the opportunity to travel to Blackpool to support the team as they compete with the best in England, we will have the opportunity to see their performance before they take it to Blackpool and even help fund their trip by attending the Spring Concert.

The ballroom dancers, many of whom have been dancing since they were 8 or 9, spend the semester in rigorous training, beginning each day at 6:30 a.m. This performance is an opportunity for the team to show off all their hard work.

The ballroom company is made up of four groups; those involved in the top group are those who are selected to tour. They travel throughout Europe mostly during the summer, which offers the students professional dance experience. However, they agree that Blackpool remains the most valuable experience.

“Blackpool is the most prestigious competition in the ballroom world. Just competing in this competition will allow them to see their profession at its best. It will give them an international scope of their profession. It also gives them the chance to see choreography from around the world, and see training from different cultures,” Asbell said. “There is nothing better they could do to enhance their career in ballroom dance than Blackpool.”

These four-time world champions are definitely worth coming out to see. Support them at their pre-tour spring concert and see what the rest of the dance world will have the chance to see in Blackpool.

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  1. Once again, that is an outstanding picture of Alayne Wadsworth! She is an amazing Ballroom Professional. Scott and UVU should be proud to have her in their program.

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