Fall fashion forecast

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As fall begins and summer ends, it’s time to put away those shorts and tanks to make room for jeans and jackets. Fall this year is full of bold colors, unique textures and exciting trends. With a few simple adjustments, UVU ladies can get their wardrobes looking fresh for fall. 

1. Scarves. Nothing says fall like a fun scarf. Not only are scarves a cheap way to accessorize, they are a unique fashion that is easy to pair with any outfit. Go for a sleek layered look; mix and match different patterns or make a statement with an especially attention-grabbing scarf.


2. Boots. Once again, knee-highs are back! Dress them up with a feminine skirt, or dress them down with a slim pair of jeans and a flowered tunic for a trendy boho look. Add some chunky accessories like bangles and top it all off with an oversized bag or bolero. Either way, knee-high boots are the perfect way to stay fashionable as the weather starts to get colder.


3. Fall colors. As the seasons begin to shift, so do the hues and shades. Fall brings colors with warm undertones to the fashion scene, like brown, bronze, maroon, gold and burnt orange. Get into the season with these dramatic new tones to break out of the summer styles. Although warm colors are in, you can easily accentuate them with cool colors like smokey grays and sapphire blues. Mix it up, get creative with contrasts and don something different this month.


Whether you go with a hip scarf, a glamorous pair of boots, or the latest accent colors, you’ll be sure to look cool for school and fabulous for fall!