Expecting the unexpected

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UVU’s Artist in Residence, Alex Caldiero, amazed all in attendance with his unique and inspired poetry reading. Photo by Randyl Nielson

Reverberating waves of sound filled the library Wednesday, Dec. 1, as poet Alex Caldiero used his considerable talent to awe, stun and inspire those who were in attendance for his poetry reading.

Caldiero enhances the perspective and understanding of language using a variety of techniques, such as drums, distinctive syllables and silence, with the objective to incorporate all language.

“I want to include and work with as much language as possible, and sounds are an integral part of language,” said Caldiero. “Also, to evoke certain experiences in childhood that we forget. Childhood is a magical time for language.”

Colleague Dr. Scott Abbott, who collaborates with Caldiero in teaching the course “Language, the Most Dangerous Possession,” shared his experience of attending Caldiero’s performance.

“It’s really powerful. I always leave one of his performances with a whole bunch of new ideas and feelings that I’ve never had,” he said. “Sometimes you wish you were in New York or San Francisco. Tonight I’m glad I was in Orem, Utah.”

There were those who were caught off guard by Caldiero’s performance; however, that is why Caldiero’s former student Meghan Wiemer keeps returning.

“You know you’re expecting Alex, which means you don’t know what to expect,” Wiemer said. “It can be something that is uncomfortable, funny, moving or all three. It seems I never hear the same poems twice, so it’s always really fresh.”

Calderio’s poems reflect life and its many roads and how through accidents you can discover marvelous things. This proved true for first-time attendee Pamela Stewart, who now plans to be a regular audience member.

“I liked when he began with screaming in silence, his arms raised with a very full expression on his whole self. It was pretty intense,” said Stewart. “The other sounds were there to open you up to understanding. The poetry itself was there to connect, which is brilliant.”

For more information and updates about Caldiero’s poetry, visit www.TheSonosopher.com or http://LanguageScraps.Blogspot.com

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