Don’t Vote for Trump

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Staff Editorial

As this circus of an election mercifully winds it’s way to a close, we as an editorial board have one thing to say to our readers: Don’t vote for Donald Trump.

Though we may not agree on the best alternative candidate, we can say with one voice that we as a board denounce Trump and his demagoguery. This is a man who uses fear and anger as a tool of persuasion. A man who would turn away immigrants on the grounds of religion. A man whose idea of diplomacy is building walls. A man who thinks mental and physical disabilities are things to be laughed at, and who dehumanizes women to the status of toys. For all intents and purposes, Donald J. Trump is the dictionary definition of a demagogue.

If he hasn’t already alienated you as a person, he will, and he’ll attempt to pass it off as “locker room talk.” As you step into the voting booth, we urge you one last time to please mark another name on your ballot, whoever that may be.

This country was started by a diverse population of people and has continued to thrive because of it. In country that is already so heavily divided, we need a leader who will bring unity and not someone who will promote intolerance and fear towards people who are different from us.