Do this, not that!

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Entertainment edition

With the daily strains on a college student budget, how does one have fun without breaking the bank? There are plenty of ways to have your cash and eat out too – when it comes to entertainment, it’s all about knowing where to spend those hard-saved dollars.

Do This! Not That!

Rent movies from Redbox                                       Blockbuster rentals
Fazoli’s                                                                      Olive Garden
Shop at Plato’s Closet                                            Hitting the mall
Join the MAWL                                                         Pay for each game
Buffets                                                                        Expensive sit-down restaurants
Ski or board at Sundance                                       Winter sports in Park City
Borrow books from the library                                Buy books
Matinee movies                                                        See movies at night
See a UVU basketball game                                  Go to a Jazz game
Visit free museums in the Valley                            Frequent paid museums